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Africa, oh Africa!!


A very unfortunate spot to place an ad for chops...



Paralysed woman's dog poisoned (shortened)

Days after Pat Beckmann was paralysed by a robber's bullet, her family
dog has been poisoned.
The family woke up on Sunday to find their dog, Jacey, battling to
breathe in the lounge of their Constantia Park home, metres from where
Beckmann was shot.
Beckmann was shot and paralysed on Wednesday last week as she ran to
help her husband, Colin, who was wrestling with two gunmen in their garden.
She said they found that Jacey had vomited all over the garden.
Van Tonder said the police believed that their dog had been poisoned
with the pesticide Aldicarb, commonly known as "one step".
"It is clear that whoever shot my mom did this to our dog and really
wants to get into our house. They think nothing of killing, maiming and
terrorising. They will do anything and everything to get what is ours,
but for what?" she asked.
Van Tonder said the perpetrators were ruling their lives through fear.
"They are dictating how we live. They are ruining our lives and are in
complete control.'
"It feels as though we have no say over how we live and there is nothing
anyone can do about it," she said.

* *This article was originally published on page 1 of **Pretoria
News* <http://www.pretorianews.co.za/>* on July 20, 2009 *


Meet the King of Muti, Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies...

...at the Museum of Man and Science!



Jonas verloor regter hand in stroper.
Spesialis in Pretoria plant 'n oorlede wit boer van Ventersdorp se hand oor.
Na 6 maande is Jonas weer by spesialis vir laaste ondersoek.
Hy kan nie genoeg vertel hoe slim goed die hand kan doen nie; geld tel,
biltong kerf, tjeks skryf ens.
Spesialis vra vir Jonas hoekom hy heeltyd die hand met sy linker hand
vashou, Jonas sĂȘ: "Nee baas, Sos ekke los hierie hante hy gryp my by my
fokken keel!"


Hitch-hiking, SA-style!


Vuvuzela Story...

Spanish star wants vuvuzelas banned, Spanish fans want Africans banned..!
Just a day after Spanish football star Xabi Alonso called on FIFA to ban
vuvuzela horns, Spanish fans have called on the football body to ban
Africans. "They are just so black," said fan Enrique de Torquemada. "And
there are so many of them here in Africa. It is very upsetting."
Alonso was widely quoted this week referring to vuvuzelas as an
"annoyance" that should be banned.
However, FIFA godfather Sepp Blatter has defended the horns.
"South African football is all about noise, excitement, shouting and
enjoyment," he said. "And sometimes goals. But mostly noise."
Alonso's South African hosts say they are taking the star's complaints
seriously, despite "Xabi" meaning "doos" in the ancient San language.
"Obviously as a footballer Mr Alonso is a very unique person," said
Confederations Cup local organizer Sonnyboy Laduma. "I mean, it's not
everyone who has a Grade 9 education, is unemployable after 35, and who
spends hours every day training to kick an inflated sack in to a net,
who then tries to dictate the culture of another continent."
However, Laduma confirmed that Alonso was not alone in feeling that
Africa needed to change to suit Spanish tastes.
He said that thousands of Spanish supporters had signed a petition
asking FIFA to ban not only vuvuzelas but Africans as well.
"Apparently when they bought their airline tickets nobody told them that
Africa is full of Africans," explained Laduma.
According to fan Ignacio Tortilla, the Confederations Cup has been an
"Wherever you look it's just Africans," he said. "Please don't get me
wrong, I'm not a racist, but do they really have to be so aggressive
with all the singing and smiling and hand-shaking?"
Florida de Porpoise, a retired Jew-batter from Barcelona, said he would
have no problem with Africans "if they only tried to be more European".
"We're not asking for a lot," said de Porpoise. "Just perhaps a little
hair relaxant, some cigarettes, and an overwhelming sense of the
futility of hope."
Meanwhile, a delegation of South Africans has asked visiting Spaniards
to stop lisping.
"For goodness sake, English is our sixth language and we can still say
's', "said Jumpstart Moloi. "It's not Nelthon Mandela, okay? It's Nelson.
He also appealed to Spaniards to "think long and hard" before asking
locals for directions to Thanton Thquare and the thocker thtadium at
Thocker Thity.
"Spanish is just such a freaking ugly language," said Moloi. "It's all
just 'eth eth eth eth'. FIFA should do something about it."


Snow in Lesotho

Now we know why it's so cold over here....
It's hard to believe that this is just around the corner from
us..... I'm kinda expecting a polar bear to be running around somewhere:)

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