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Heppy Krismis

Never drink and drive


[Fwd: Hippo attack photos]

NELSPRUIT - The head of veterinary wildlife services of SANParks
stared into the jaws of death "last month" when a hippo he thought was
sound asleep, charged him.

Dr Markus Hofmeyr told a newspaper that he thought "it was tickets"
when the darted animal woke up. He was a member of a research team
that was testing a new anaesthetic for hippo in the Kruger National
Park. Colleague Dr Peter Buss, senior manager of the veterinary unit
in the park, took spectacular photos of the encounter with this
mammal, which is one of the most dangerous herbivores in Africa.

The incident took place just upstream of the Crocodile Bridge Camp, in
the Crocodile River. Hofmeyr, Buss and Dr Nico de Bruyn of the mammal
research institute of the University of Pretoria, were researching a
novel combination of drugs that can be administered by a dart to
anaesthetise hippo.

The hippo made another surge for the pair before both escaped unhurt.

A gamekeeper shot the hippo dead. Dr Hofmeyr said: "We think the hippo
was woken by water up its nose. We'll muzzle these animals in future."



[Fwd: Eskom workers trash power station]

Date: 13 July 2010 10:27
Subject: Medupi Power Station - Ellisras

The workers on site received free food parcels, every day.

There was an agreement with ESKOM that, after one year, they would be
receiving hot meals instead of food parcels. MPS-JV employees are now
upset at not receiving hot meals, as promised, and yesterday they
protested by throwing their food parcels at management!

Now you might get an idea why Eskom needed a couple of billions.

Daily thousands of employees at Medupi receive free food, on top of free
accommodation, transport, etc. And considering 900 000 people lost their
jobs last year, and how many millions of people are living in poverty
and don't know where their next meal is coming from... these photos just
explain it all!!!!


Fwd: Clear operating instructions


[Fwd: Service]

I became confused when I heard the word _'service'_ used with these

South African Revenue _'Service'_
Postal _'Service'_
Telephone _'Service'_
Municipal _'Service'_
Civil _'Service_'
South African Police _'Service'_
Customer _'Service'_

This is not what I thought 'service' meant.

But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had
hired a bull to _'service'_ a few cows.

BAM!!! It all came into focus.

Now I understand what all those agencies are doing to us.

You are now as enlightened as I am!


Fwd: Baby Sipho

Young Sipho goes into the kitchen where his mother is baking.

He puts his hands in the flour and covers his head with it.

He says: "Eish mama, Ima white boy!"

His mother slaps him hard on the face and says, "Sipho, go show your
dad what you've done!!"

So he does, and his dad slaps him too. His granny happens to be right
next to his dad and she also slaps him vehemently in disgust.

Then Sipho's mom says, "And did you learn something from all this?"

Little Sipho shakes his head, crying and says, "I did. I've only been
a white boy for 5 minutes and I'm already shit scared of you blacks!"



Goeie môre .... Ons is tans nie tuis nie, maar laat asseblief 'n boodskap na
die toon. As jy een van ons kinders is, druk die nommer kind wat jy is en
druk dan een van die volgende nege opsies, sodat ons by ons terugkoms kan
weet wat ons moet doen:

1. As ons die kleinkinders moet kom oppas, druk 2
2. As julle ons kar wil leen, druk 3
3. As julle wil hê ons moet julle klere was en stryk, druk 4
4. As julle wil hê dat die kleinkinders by ons moet kom slaap, druk 5
5. As julle wil hê dat ons die kinders by die skool moet gaan haal,druk 6
6. As julle wil hê dat ons vir julle 'n maaltyd moet voorberei of dit
by julle huis aflewer, druk 7
7. As julle hier wil kom eet, druk 8
8. As julle geld nodig het, druk 9
9. As julle ons vir ete gaan nooi, of ons teater toe wil vat, begin
praat, ons luister.

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