[Fwd: Eskom workers trash power station]

Date: 13 July 2010 10:27
Subject: Medupi Power Station - Ellisras

The workers on site received free food parcels, every day.

There was an agreement with ESKOM that, after one year, they would be
receiving hot meals instead of food parcels. MPS-JV employees are now
upset at not receiving hot meals, as promised, and yesterday they
protested by throwing their food parcels at management!

Now you might get an idea why Eskom needed a couple of billions.

Daily thousands of employees at Medupi receive free food, on top of free
accommodation, transport, etc. And considering 900 000 people lost their
jobs last year, and how many millions of people are living in poverty
and don't know where their next meal is coming from... these photos just
explain it all!!!!


Jayne 10:12  

OK, this set of photos has been 'doing the (email) rounds' for several months & there is alot of 'misinformation' regarding the issue.
Fact: The food supplied to the workers was supplied by a very well-known multimillion rand catering company & not directly by Eishkom.
Fact: sed catering company had supplied poor quality food packages on numerous of previous occasions & the workers had complained about it to 'management'. Nothing was done.
Fact: On the occasion which resulted in the exposure of these photos coming to light, the food in many of the packages contained mouldy bread & other items which were well past their expiry date.

I'm no bleeding heart liberal, so don't go thinking I'm all out for the 'wekkers' but in this instance, what the catering company did, was truly despicable.

You're most welcome to contact me via email if you'd like verification of the FACTS. I hate this fucking project more than I'd dare to put in writing & I feel it's only fair that the 'other' side of the story should be told.


hmvh 22:59  

Thanks for sharing those facts. That might explain why there was no (?) coverage in the regular media.
Another fact to add then is that nobody, no matter who they are, should be given food that poses a health risk. Nobody needs a sick workforce.

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