Vuvuzelas can cause hearing loss

...and saying so is racist?

So it turns out the droning, soulless buzz of South Africa's
ever-present plastic vuvuzela horns that caused people around the world
to punish the mute button on their remotes and had players complaining
that they couldn't hear each other on the pitch at last summer's
Confederations Cup can be quite damaging to your hearing.
The horns, which FIFA president Sepp Blatter has refused to ban for this
summer's World Cup (even though they did for the World Cup draw), were
the subject of a study conducted by professor De Wet Swanepoel of the
University of Pretoria and Dr. James Hall from the University of Florida
that was published in the South African Medical Journal and the findings
weren't good...


Comment 22. Posted by FanaS Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:59 pm EDT
As a black south african I am used to white racist or western
commenting about anything they don't like about african, and you know
what We don't give a damn care because there is No such a thing like
banning the vuvuzela. And for your information well minded white south
africa appreciate the vuvuzela. Come visit south africa on any friday
you will see how all south african adore this world cup. except those
bustard white suckers. Vuvuzela Here in South africa to stay, those
Spanish team and Japanness must go to hell together with that stupid
Swanepoel of University of Tswane/Pretoria


[Fwd: Thug stoned to death by pupils]

By Sinegugu Ndlovu

High school pupils yesterday beat and stoned a thug to death after they
had been victims of crime almost every day this week.

Dried blood and a covered body a few metres inside the gates of Charles
Sabelo High School, at Umbumbulu, south of Durban, testified to the
gruesome revenge the pupils had wrought.

The man, who was about 25, was apparently one of a gang that had robbed
pupils of their cash and cellphones on Tuesday and Wednesday.

He and two accomplices, with guns and a knife, returned to the school
yesterday and held up pupils outside the school. The pupils retaliated
by throwing stones at the men, who ran off.

The knife-wielding man was cornered by angry pupils and other locals. He
was stoned and sjambokked, before he ran into the school where the
children stoned and beat him to death.

School principal Jonathan Shezi said the angry mob would have set the
dead man alight had a teacher not intervened. While he did not condone
the pupils' conduct, he said they were tired of being victims of crime.

"The school doesn't have a phone because criminals stole the cables. I'm
not condoning what happened, but the children were fed up. They resorted
to this because they were tired of the abuse."


[Fwd: Sorry for Apartheid]

This was a reply to an article, "in the Mercury (last week)", where the
previously disadvantaged (Blacks) stated that it's not too late for the
previously advantaged (including Whites, Indians and Coloureds) to
apologise for apartheid.

'To the Previously Disadvantaged'

We are sorry that our ancestors were intelligent, advanced and
daring enough to explore the wild oceans to discover new countries
and develop them.

We are sorry that those who came before us took you out of the
bush and taught you that there was more to life than beating drums,
killing each other and chasing animals with sticks and stones.

We are sorry that they planned, funded and developed roads, towns,
mines, factories, airports and harbours, all of which you now claim to
be your long deprived inheritance giving you every right to change and
rename these at your discretion.

We are sorry that our parents taught us the value of small but
strong families, to not breed like rabbits and end up as underfed,
diseased, illiterate shack dwellers living in poverty.

We are sorry that when the evil apartheid government provided
you with schools, you decided they'd look better without windows
or in piles of ashes.

We happily gave up those bad days of getting spanked in our all
white Schools for doing something wrong, and much prefer these
days of freedom where problems can be resolved with knives and guns.

We are sorry that it is hard to shake off the bitterness of the
past when you keep on raping, torturing and killing our friends and
family members, and then hide behind the fence of 'human rights'
with smiles on your faces.

We are sorry that we do not trust the government... We have no
reason to be so suspicious because none of these poor "hard working
intellectuals" have ever been involved in any form of "corruption or

We are sorry that we do not trust the police force and, even though
they have openly admitted that they have lost the war against crime and
criminals, we should not be negative and just ignore their corruption
and carry on hoping for the best.

We are sorry that it is more important to you to have players of
colour in our national teams than winning games and promoting
patriotism. We know that sponsorship doesn't depend on a team's success.

We are sorry that our border posts have been flung open and now
left you competing for jobs against illegal immigrants from our
beautiful neighbouring countries. All of them, countries that have grown
into economic powerhouses after kicking out the 'settlers'?

We are sorry that we don't believe in witchcraft, beet root and
garlic cures, urinating on street corners, virginity testing,
slaughtering of bulls in our back yards, trading women for cattle and
other barbaric practices. Maybe we just grew up differently.

We are sorry that your medical care, water supplies, roads,
railways and electricity supplies are going down the toilet because
skilled people who could have planned for and resolved these issues
had to be thrown away because they were of the wrong ethnic
background and now have to work in foreign countries where their
skills are highly appreciated.

We are so sorry that we'd like this country to fulfil its potential so
we can once again be proud South Africans.

From 'The Previously Advantaged'

PS: In the old regime... we had lights and water.

[Fwd: Malema lauds Bob]


Fwd: Your next erection...


Fwd: Tourist Immunity


[Fwd: Malema loses it - again (summarised)]

Julius Malema seems to have blown it. Yesterday the ANC Youth League
leader had another tantrum, this time in Limpopo, where he clouted a
party rival with a chair and threw journalists out of a chaotic youth
league conference.
His latest outburst comes after his now-infamous tirade against BBC
reporter Jonah Fisher in Joburg on Thursday, which finally spurred
President Jacob Zuma into action.
Yesterday at a press conference in Durban, Zuma described Malema's
behaviour as "unacceptable", "totally out of order", "against ANC
culture", and warranting "consequences".
Zuma was last week roasted by opposition parties, church and business
leaders for his tardiness in dealing decisively with Malema.
Having fallen foul of the president, Malema was no longer popular among
some circles yesterday in Makhado in Limpopo, where the youth league was
holding its provincial conference. Open fighting broke out and at one
stage police had to use a water cannon to calm things down.

[Fwd: ET killed over a gay sex payment dispute?]

ET's sex scandal surfaces again

By Kanina Foss and Baldwin Ndaba

A 1980s sex scandal - involving Eugene Terre'Blanche and a male
Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) supporter - has surfaced again, just
as the Hawks confirmed that the AWB leader's murder could be
investigated as a homosexual sex crime.

"It's not a complete secret that Eugene had some of these tendencies,"
said Max du Preez, who founded the Vrye Weekblad newspaper in the 1980s.

Back then, the weekly newspaper published the story of an AWB bodyguard
who claimed to have woken up after a night of heavy partying to find
Terre'Blanche on top of him, trying to molest him.

The bodyguard laid a complaint within the AWB and was promptly kicked
out of the organisation.

The bodyguard went to the Vrye Weekblad - the only newspaper that would
run the story.

"No other newspaper touched it because they reckoned it was defamatory.
But we thought it was true," Du Preez told The Star on Sunday.

After the story was published, there was no reaction from Terre'Blanche
or the AWB.

"Eugene didn't say a word," said Du Preez.

While investigations continue, lawyers acting for the two murder accused
are due to argue in court that Terre'Blanche had a homosexual
relationship with his alleged killers.

Initial reports indicated that Terre'Blanche was murdered over a pay
dispute, but a picture of an alcohol-fuelled homosexual orgy is starting
to emerge.

Eyewitnesses say they saw the AWB leader - reportedly estranged from his
wife - buying liquor at a Ventersdorp bottle store before taking his
workers back to the farm where he was later bludgeoned to death.

Meanwhile, the accused, Chris Mahlangu, 27, and a 15-year-old, who is
too young to be named, are expected to appear in the Ventersdorp
Magistrate's Court on Wednesday for a formal bail application.

Explaining the charge, the prosecution said that when Terre'Blanche's
body was found, detectives saw that his pants were down to his knees and
his genitals were exposed.

Terre'Blanche was buried in Ventersdorp on Friday.

* This article was originally published on page 1 of _The Star_
<http://www.thestar.co.za/index.php?fArticleId=3824560> on April
12, 2010


And according to one comment on comment on http://iluvsa.blogspot.com/

The objective is to ridicule the murdered person and by association all
that he stood for. In this case the objective was to ridicule ET and the
recent nationalistic drive under the whites for self determination.
Thus other supporters of Afrikaner self determination would be
demoralized and not want to associate with ET or his vision.

The objective is demoralization.

Unfortunately for the evil
government their was a leak and this leak was in the form of a police
inspector (white) that came out and declared that she was on the scene
and that no condom was found. On the TV program, Carte Blanche, the
first medic(white) on the scene also confirmed that ET's pants were not
around his knees.



'He didn't like moffies at all'

By Tribune Reporter

The AWB last night reacted with outrage to claims that the movement's
murdered leader, Eugene Terre'Blanche, was involved in an act of sodomy
before he was killed.

"It is impossible," said AWB secretary general Andre Visagie.

"He told his wife he was coming home from the farm that night (to the
family home in Ventersdorp).

"He wouldn't have taken a black man instead of a white woman."

Visagie said the AWB was adamant claims that its leader was homosexual
would be proved false. "He didn't like moffies at all."

Asked how he knew what Terre'Blanche's sexual preference was, Visagie
said: "Remember Jani Allen (the newspaper columnist who had an affair
with him)? I don't think he was lying."

This article was originally published on page 1 of Tribune on April 11, 2010


[Fwd: You KNOW ur a TRULY South African DARKIE When...]

We can pretend, put on a show but every so often a moment of DARKIE-NESS
will creep out...

1. You've remixed english with your vernacular countless times.
2. You've accidentally said something like "reach" instead of "rich" or
"kettle" when you meant "cattle".
3. You think BEE is the best thing that's ever happened in this country.
4. iCARVELLA, the ghetto choice...enough said!
5. Whenever there's a family occassion, you always meet or discover a
random new family member...ALWAYS O_o
6.You know black people can't swim cos they aint streamline enough!
7. In the FEW occassions that you do decide to swim, you wear a plastic
bag on your head coz u scared your hair's gonna "KRAMP"
8.Ladies: A DARKIE guy has MACD on you and his first line was: "Eish
baby ngiyakuthanda..."
9.You get followed around the store because they think you're there to
steal. By black people NOG AL!
10.You don't use hair straighteners because you kinda know they're for
white hair and you know your hair's gonna fall out...EVENTUALLY....Eish
but they work miracles on weaves! Tjo!
11.Eish is a primary word in your vocabulary. [See above, point made]
12.You know that ATM stands for African Trademark, this means that your
booty could give J-Lo a run for her money.
13.Your family slaughters an animal at every occassion, even if its a
1-year old's B-day party.
14. When there's a funeral/wedding at your house, the WHOLE
neighbourhood rocks up just as lunch is served.
15.Your family keeps AFRICAN TIME- which runs +/-2 hrs behind normal time.
16.IF you've been to a school outside of SOWETO or any other kasi,
you're referred to a coconut, cheesegirl/boy etc.
17.SUNLIGHT green soap is the number one solution to household
everything: Dishes, laundry...even constipation! Wakakaka!
18.You know jus where to get the best amagwinya with special,chips,
snook fish and KOTA supreme!!yummmeee!
19.You've practically braaied your scalp to try straighten that unruly
bush you call hair AKA "iKaffir hare".
20.You know what I'm talkin bout when I say Lesilo is the scariest MOFO
in this world!! O_o
21.IF you do swim...there's a customary "wipe ur face wit ur hand" move...
22.Your mother calls you into her room, which is on the other wing of
the house, jus to ask you to pass her the phone which is an arm's reach
away from her...
23.Ladies: U stick ur tongue out and roll your eyes back while dancing
and screaming "ayoba yo!!!"
25.You know all of Menzi Ngubane's nick names: Sibusiso Dlomo, Ngamla,
Mazwi (PaH! HOOO!); but if you see him in the street, you'll call him
uSibusiso ANYWAY...cos you too lazy to remember his REAL name. LMDAO!
26.When you have or know a person with a funky ass English name like
"Patience" "Gifted" Essentials" "Excellent" but my favourite is "Matric
Exemption" viva black nation with beautiful but strange names!!
A few other RIDICULOUS names: "Looksmart","Service rovider","Innocentia"
and "Trifina", "Very Fine"...eish darkies! =D
27.When we say 'shoot me' instead of 'take a photo of me'...
28. You speak zulu/tswana/sotho-english...you use proper VERNAC words
but then add a -rize!!
e.g plz khaparize me to the shop...that ryt there is ghetto!
29.Everytime we start a dance or something 2 do with group
co-ordination...we don't say 3,2,1 we go ONE-TOH ONE TOH!!gotta luv it!
30. You know this equation very well: SUN+DARKIE=SKIN TRAGEDY!!! MUST
30. a) You're a darkie chic and you've used Ponds to make you lighter!
32. EVERY COLD DRINK IS COKE no matter the flavor!
33. You listen to Yfm or Metro. Yfm for the daymn good House music, cus
HOUSE ROX...and that's the TRUTH! Metro for the Sunday RnB while
cleaning or "vreifing" the stoep with Cobra polish + hangover from
Saturday night's bash.
34. You've walked past a white man or woman's car and they locked the
car while you watched because they thought you were going to perform a
smash and grab stunt on them! LMAO!
35. You are so PROUD ukuthi we are hosting 2010 because you still
believe in South Africa!.



[Fwd: Computers in SA]

Henceforth, all SA minibus taxis shall be referred to as "computers":

- They all have windows;
- they can crash at any time;
- they are noisy;
- many are overclocked (far above safe operating specs);
- they usually have some sort of cache;
- infinite customisation possibilities;
- one word: piracy;
- and most of them are driven by a floppie with a nasty virus.


Kill the boer?

'nuff said!


[Fwd: Black Bastards]


Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered

Cape Town - Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was
murdered on his Ventersdorp farm in the North West on Saturday evening.

According to the AWB's André Visagie, Terre'Blanche was beaten to death
with pipes and pangas on his farm Villanna (meaning 'the home of Anna').

His body was found at about 18:00. According to a report on
Fromtheold.com, Terre'Blanche was apparently still alive when police got
to him but later died.

He was asleep at the time of the attack.

Police found a panga and knobkerrie next to Terre'Blanche.

Visagie said Terre'Blanche was beaten so badly "he didn't look like
Eugene anymore".

The AWB leader was alone on the farm at the time of the attack.

Visagie said that Terre'Blanche's only security were his dogs which were

A 16-year-old and 21-year-old who apparently worked for Terre'Blanche
were arrested, police spokesperson Captain Adéle Myburgh said.

The two allegedly attacked the 69-year-old far-right wing leader because
they were not paid for work they did.

- News24

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