[Fwd: Thug stoned to death by pupils]

By Sinegugu Ndlovu

High school pupils yesterday beat and stoned a thug to death after they
had been victims of crime almost every day this week.

Dried blood and a covered body a few metres inside the gates of Charles
Sabelo High School, at Umbumbulu, south of Durban, testified to the
gruesome revenge the pupils had wrought.

The man, who was about 25, was apparently one of a gang that had robbed
pupils of their cash and cellphones on Tuesday and Wednesday.

He and two accomplices, with guns and a knife, returned to the school
yesterday and held up pupils outside the school. The pupils retaliated
by throwing stones at the men, who ran off.

The knife-wielding man was cornered by angry pupils and other locals. He
was stoned and sjambokked, before he ran into the school where the
children stoned and beat him to death.

School principal Jonathan Shezi said the angry mob would have set the
dead man alight had a teacher not intervened. While he did not condone
the pupils' conduct, he said they were tired of being victims of crime.

"The school doesn't have a phone because criminals stole the cables. I'm
not condoning what happened, but the children were fed up. They resorted
to this because they were tired of the abuse."


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