Pupils allegedly paid R100 for sex

The Education Department has suspended six teachers from an Umlazi,
Durban, high school who allegedly had sexual relationships with their
pupils in exchange for money and alcohol.
KwaZulu-Natal Education Department head Cassius Lubisi said the six
teachers were suspended on Wednesday and the department was taking steps
to replace them with temporary educators while finalising an
investigation into their conduct.
The pupils concerned were receiving psychological support.
The department's Umlazi district director, Mlungisi Ntombela, said on
Tuesday that about 20 female pupils from the school had visited his
office on Friday and alleged that the six teachers regularly had sex
with girls in the school's science laboratory.
It was alleged that the girls were given R100 after performing the
sexual acts. The teachers allegedly also consumed alcohol with pupils at
the laboratory.
Salim Vally, of the Education Policy Unit based at the University of the
Witwatersrand, Joburg, said that while legislation regarding sexual
misconduct at schools was sufficient, understanding of the laws by
teachers was narrow.
"Policies are vital, but they are just words on paper. There must be
information and education campaigns on the issue, which doesn't seem to
be a priority for the education department. We need more campaigns. The
climate in which education takes place adds to the quality of
education," said Vally.
Allen Thompson, of the National Teachers' Union, said that while the
union did not condone teachers having sexual relations with pupils,
poverty also played a role in the issue. He said pupils should be
educated on how not to fall prey to teachers.
"You find that some teachers only learn that what they were doing was
illegal when they are in trouble. Why are such pieces of information not
included in the teachers' induction course?" he asked.
- summarised
* *This article was originally published on page 5 of **The Mercury*
<http://www.themercury.co.za/>* on April 30, 2009 *


You know Ms. Balls?


Nando's Advert on radio

JULIUS MALEMA: "Boss, we will be having Nando's today. It's their new
Easter special, it's a full chicken, with large chips 'cos I know how
much you love your chips. And it comes with 4 Portuguese rolls.
JACOB: "OK, sounds nice, how much is it?"
JULIUS: "Aah Boss, it's cheap, it's only R99,99c."
JACOB: "OK, take some money from the petty cash."
JULIUS: "Aah Boss, there's no need to do that coz it's free!"
JULIUS: "Well Boss, when I told them who it was for, THEY DROPPED THE


'Rapist used bread bag for condom'

One of the eight men who gang-raped a Tembisa woman while she was
pregnant used a bread plastic bag for a condom during the attack in 2005.
This emerged during emotional testimony on Tuesday by the 32-year-old
victim, who said she discovered the plastic bag inside her when she had
a bath.
She said that apart from the plastic bag used by one accused, none of
the others used a condom during the rape.
She said a door at her rented room in Tsenelong, Tembisa, was kicked
open and broken by a man who then threatened her with a gun before he
raped her.
She gave the court graphic details of the gang-rape by three other men.
The three raped her in turn despite her telling them she was pregnant.
Those who had just raped her later met another group outside which
ordered her at gunpoint to leave with them. They took her to an informal
settlement where the four men took turns raping her behind a toilet.
** This article (shortened) was originally published on page 2 of *The
Star* on April 22, 2009 **


Working together for April 22


Klippies en Coke


Congo lures SA farmers with free land

Johannesburg - In the biggest land deal in recent African history, the
Republic of Congo has sent a delegation of five farmers to South Africa
for talks with the South African farm union AgriSA, about the offer of
10-million hectares of farmland to South African farmers.
AgriSA said the government of the country, also known as Congo
Brazzaville, wanted to improve food security.
Until now, Congo - which like the bigger Democratic Republic of Congo
has been beset by political and ethnic tension in recent years - has had
to import 99 percent of its food, mainly from France, Theo de Jager,
deputy president of AgriSA, said.
The South African farmers would be able to lease the land for free for
99 years, De Jager said. Other enticements include a five-year "holiday"
on corporate tax and the dismantling of taxes on the import of
agricultural inputs, such as seeds, fertiliser and machines, De Jager said.
The farmers will be allowed to take all their profits out of the country
and, although the project is being billed a food security initiative,
are under no obligation to sell their output on the domestic market.
De Jager said that food prices in the Congo are high, making it
attractive for farmers to sell their products there. Some 1 300 farmers
have shown interest in transplanting themselves; the first of these are
expected to settle in the country after June. Among other things, they
will grow maize, soya, cotton and coffee. Poultry and cattle farms are
also planned. - Sapa-dpa

* *This article was originally published on page 1 of **Cape Times*
<http://www.capetimes.co.za/>* on April 17, 2009 *


Malema booted from hospital

African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema has left
Port Elizabeth with his tail between his legs after he was booted out of
Dora Nginza Hospital, where he went to wish patients well.
The notoriously rundown and struggling hospital was Malema's last stop
in the Friendly City after jetting into town yesterday morning for a day
of campaigning.
He was supposed to address a meeting of the health workers' union Nehawu
at the hospital, but was delayed, and the workers had left by the time
he arrived.
A noisy delegation of about 20 national and provincial Youth League
leaders and Nehawu shop stewards, some in political T-shirts, then
followed Malema into the hospital, where he shook hands with bedridden
patients in two general wards.
One patient, Sindiswa Hala, at first looked puzzled but then warmed to
Malema when he asked her whether she needed help to cast her ballot on
Monday or Tuesday, the days set aside for special votes by those who are
ill or infirm.
Then the visibly upset hospital superintendent, Aydin Vehbi, intercepted
the group in one of the corridors and asked them to leave.
Mhlobiso-Poyo said Vehbi had told them that if he allowed the ANCYL to
campaign in the hospital, he would have to give other parties the same
Malema denied he was booted out, saying Vehbi had welcomed the group.
"But he said he was worried that the DA would also want to do the same
thing, so we said we are not going to campaign. We were merely wishing
people well."
Dora Nginza Hospital, where five goats were seen roaming the barren
gardens surrounding the hospital yesterday, has made headlines several
times over controversies such as drug-resistant TB patients escaping,
severe understaffing and security concerns.
Apparently, none of the security guards at the hospital were informed
about Malema's visit.
When asked about his whereabouts, one security guard, not knowing who
Malema was, asked if he had come by ambulance.
The youth league delegation afterwards sped off for a gala dinner in
East London in preparation for ANC leader Jacob Zuma's visit to the
province this morning.
The DA's Ryan Coetzee yesterday slammed Malema as someone who doesn't
care about any rule, law, regulation, or anything to do with order".
Cope presidential candidate Mvume Dandala earlier this week complained
that the ANC had offered to help a family member of his who was slightly
disabled to cast her ballot, a tactic he described as foul play.
The Electoral Act says voters who need assistance casting their votes
may be helped, but only by somebody "of their own choice".
* *This article was originally published on page 3 of **The Star*
<http://www.thestar.co.za/>* on April 17, 2009 *


Julius Malema: FAIL


Traffic toons


Class Mate?

He said he went to school with you, and he wanted your email address so I
gave it to him, hope you don't mind :-)


SA National Productivity Month: April 2009...

National Productivity Month is April 2009

Our darling caretaker President has announced the date for the national
elections: *Wednesday 22 April 2009*.
He couldn't have picked a worse date if he tried.
Not only is it a Wednesday, but he selected the only week in April that
was until then a full working week.
So far we have public holidays on 10th, 13th and 27th April, not to
mention 1st May. Now add 22 April and the traditional "National
Productivity Week" from 27th April to 1st May, becomes National
Productivity Month, from 1st April to 1st May.

That's 17 working days in a month.

*Yep – you just gotta luv SA*


S.A Government makes huge profits from crime

Question: "What is the influence of crime on the S.A. Govt?"
Answer: Crime generates millions and millions of Rands for the SA
Here are the facts...
Example 1:
Take just one million home owners in Gauteng who pay for "armed crime
reaction" (not crime prevention) where private security companies react
AFTER the crime has taken place - no wonder they never make any arrests!
This service costs on average R250 p.m. Therefore 1,000,000 x R240.00 x
12 months x 14% VAT, generates R403 million in tax revenue for the SA Govt!
Example 2:
A car thief steals a R500,000 car and receives between R10,000 and
R30,000 for his deed. The car owner is paid out by insurance and then
purchases another similar vehicle, on which he pays 14% VAT of approx
R70,000 as a direct result of crime. Who profited the most? The thief or
the SA Govt?
We must begin with a mechanism whereby the SA Govt is forced to
reconsider this unconstitutional and immoral practice of profiting from
All South Africans should demand that all payments related to protection
of life and property should be VAT free and Tax deductible!
This principle should also apply to replacement of stolen property as
well as estate duty. If a person dies as a result of crime we should
also demand that estate duty not be paid. How much do you think the SA
Govt. has made out of estate duty from the murders of 1300 South
African farmers?
The S.A. Govt likes to compare us to overseas. Well overseas your safety
and security is covered by your income tax and is tax deductible!
It is time that South Africans stood together and made the Govt. and
public aware of the Govt's "income" from crime. In the meantime crime is
the goose that lays the golden egg.
Is it also not unreasonable to expect victims of violence and hijackings
to pay their own medical costs?
The Govt. should pay for these expenses as well as family counseling for
Come on South Africa, ask the right questions and demand the right answers!


Long weekend

Eish, I can smell the long weekend!!!

'n Les uit geskiedenis

Rasse intergrasie is soos om kak en roomys te meng. Dit doen niks regtig
aan die kak nie, maar dit fok die roomys heeltemal op!


Brakpan Lion

...or: how to deter burglars.


Seafood platter: Sandton vs. Brakpan


Breaking News! The Dalai Lama IS coming to South Africa after all



Juffrou gee wiskunde: "Gertjie, verstaan jy alles?"
Gertjie: "Sjoe juffrou, net so kol-kol-kol!"
"Watter kol verstaan jy nie, Gertjie?"
"Fokol, juffrou."


Sipho's letter to creditor


Dear Sir/Madam
I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 7 July 2008 in which for the
3rd time, you request that I pay the monies owed to you. I first want
you to know that by no means do I dispute my debt and I intend to pay as
soon as possible.
However I would like to bring to your attention that you are not my only
creditor. I have many more creditors, quite as honourable and important
as you, and whom I wish to pay too. That is why, each month, I throw all
the names of my creditors into a hat and draw one randomly. The one
drawn is paid immediately.
I hope that yours will come out shortly.
Sincerely Yours,
PS: I regret to inform you that given the harsh and threatening tone of
your last letter, you will not be taking part in the next three draws.


Nike's ad


Update on Nando's ad


Jacob Zuma's Facebook page

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