'Rapist used bread bag for condom'

One of the eight men who gang-raped a Tembisa woman while she was
pregnant used a bread plastic bag for a condom during the attack in 2005.
This emerged during emotional testimony on Tuesday by the 32-year-old
victim, who said she discovered the plastic bag inside her when she had
a bath.
She said that apart from the plastic bag used by one accused, none of
the others used a condom during the rape.
She said a door at her rented room in Tsenelong, Tembisa, was kicked
open and broken by a man who then threatened her with a gun before he
raped her.
She gave the court graphic details of the gang-rape by three other men.
The three raped her in turn despite her telling them she was pregnant.
Those who had just raped her later met another group outside which
ordered her at gunpoint to leave with them. They took her to an informal
settlement where the four men took turns raping her behind a toilet.
** This article (shortened) was originally published on page 2 of *The
Star* on April 22, 2009 **


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