[Fwd: 'Kill the f***ing whites now!!!']

By Carien du Plessis and Murray Williams
Staff Writers

The PAC has come under fire after messages urging the killing of whites
were posted on its Facebook site.

The party says it will not remove the offending posts.

The messages, which said an army of about 3 000 people was standing by,
ready to kill white people within 24 hours if requested to do so, were
still on the site after a Facebook user alerted the administrator to the

Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos yesterday said the messages were
a "clear-cut" example of hate speech and that the Facebook posters, as
well as the administrator of the site, could be taken to the equality
court if they refused to remove the messages.

Independent media analyst and Facebook user Martin Slabbert said he had
asked the posters and site administrator Anwar Adams, who is the PAC's
provincial interim chairman, to remove the messages.

"I did a similar thing during the election campaign when a group was
started named 'Let's assassinate (DA leader) Helen Zille', and the group
was removed," Slabbert said.

Adams posted a message on the site yesterday thanking posters, but urged
them not to stoop to the level of whites in their debate "for we are a
better people".

"We are the soldiers that must prevent the previous (sic) advantaged
individuals (whites - I hate calling them that for they are not white)
from ever raping our dignity and land," he said in his post.

Adams told the Cape Argus today: "I don't know the people (who posted
the comments) personally. But I'm not going to ban them.

"We believe that there's only one race, and that's the human race. We
don't go according to colour. It's got nothing to do with your
pigmentation. If you're born in Africa, then you're African."

But Adams said that even though the PAC disagreed with the comments
along racial lines, he believed it was important to allow people to
express their feelings.

"If we want to heal as a country, we need to understand what each other
feel, and that requires that we hear each other's feelings" he said.

It was in this spirit that he refused to "ban" the comments.

The messages posted above a You Tube video clip showing Nelson Mandela
with a group of people allegedly singing songs about "killing white

A Facebook poster called Ahmed El Saud said in his post: "Kill the
f***ing whites now!!! If you afraid of them, let's do it for you. In
return, you can pay us after the job has been done... text us... we are
not afraid for the whites like your own people... it's a disgrace ... he
asked you and you don't want to... we will do it, Mandela!"


In another posting he said: "Mandela asked so nice, start at home with
food poison, gas leaks, cut the phone lines, kill the babies in the
pool, be creative or if you have no nerve, call me and my team ... we
have 3 000 on standby and can be ready with in 24 hours... think about
it now or good luck."

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Cape Argus on
February 25, 2010


[Fwd: Eishh in Eshowe]

In South Africa, the expensive cars and lavish lifestyle of black
politicians often make headlines. However, the small town of Eshowe in
Kwazulu-Natal provice was abuzz last week with the news of two black
VIPs crashing a Ferrari and Lamborghini into each other.

When a white man, Mr. Tony Simpson, tried to take a photograph of the
damaged vehicles, he was racially abused with the words: "What you want
here, white man, you can't afford a car like this!"

A wedding ceremony held by a so-called "ANC family" - the ANC is South
Africa's ruling party, receiving 65% of the votes - was held at the
sports centre in Eshowe where the field was trashed with broken bottles
and glasses. After the wedding Romeo Mbambo, owner of the yellow
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and the driver of the Ferrari F430 decided
to race one another along the main street, Kangella street..

Mbambo is a former assassin of the ANC's main rival in black politics,
the Inkatha Freedom Party, who received amnesty from the South African
Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He and six other black men had been
involved in 56 incidences of violence in which 100 people had been
killed in the late eighties and early nineties. Nowadays he supplies
protection services to VIPs in the coastal city of Durban.

The damage to the two Italian sports cars is estimated at R1 million
(about $130 000), according to a spokesman for Lamborghini South Africa.

The flashy wedding in Eshowe, attended by ANC politicians, could have
been mistaken for a luxury-car show with Mercedes coupés, Porsches, as
well a brand-new Ferrari with temporary plates vying for attention in
the parking lot.

Apparently Mbambo and his fellow racer were on their way to a nearby dam
to take pictures of the bride and groom when their driving skills proved
inadequate. The drivers of the two sports cars - with import duties
worth about R4,7 million ($600 000) in South Africa - were unharmed but
a lamppost was badly damaged, to the chagrin of the local taxpayers who
would have to repair it.

Some of the white bystanders who wanted to take photos with their
cellphones were smacked and assaulted while the black police on the
scene simply looked on, doing nothing.

The police also had no official record of the accident, as Mbambo had
said that "he would deal with it himself".


[Fwd: 'Stupid-as-Zuma' teacher gets warning]

A Durban high school teacher has landed in hot water over remarks she
made in her classroom, comparing her pupils' behaviour to that of
President Jacob Zuma.

The incident, for which the Reservoir Hills Secondary School teacher has
been given a written warning, happened on Tuesday last week.

A parent, who would not be named, said that the pupils had become noisy
when the Grade 8 teacher had turned her back to them to write on the
chalkboard. When the teacher turned back to them, the pupils quietened

"She asked the children why they were acting innocently, like their
president. One of the children asked which president she was referring
to and she responded 'the stupid one, Jacob Zuma'. The pupil asked what
their behaviour had to do with Zuma and the teacher said they were 'not
having a political debate'."

Education Department spokeswoman Mbali Thusi said that the department
was looking into the matter.


[Fwd: The book of Jacob]


Fwd: It's Super 14 time!


[Fwd: Suddenly...]

Suddenly Sipho realized he was in the line for work - not food handouts!

[Fwd: Zuma's baptist]

[Fwd: License Disk]


[Fwd: Body of teacher recovered from manhole]

The body of a Johannesburg school teacher was on Wednesday found in a
manhole and his tenant has been arrested for his murder, police said.

Police found John Scrooby's body after being called to his house in
Orchards, Norwood, on Wednesday morning, Captain Phillip Maganedisa said.

They found a tooth and Scrooby's glasses next to the door of his house
and blood on the floor.

A trail of blood led police to a manhole where Scrooby's body was found.
He had multiple stab wounds.

"There was no sign of forced entry at the house, suggesting that the
victim had opened the door voluntarily for someone he knew."

Further investigation led to the arrest of a Zimbabwean national who
Scrooby had let stay at his house.

The man allegedly told police that armed men had forced him to kill
Scrooby with a blunt object at around 2am on Wednesday.

Police, however, believed robbery was the motive for the killing, as
Scrooby's money was missing.

The man was arrested on a charge of murder and would appear in the
Johannesburg Magistrate's Court soon.

Maganedisa described Scrooby as a charitable man who always helped those
in need.

"There are so many people that he has helped in the area, some he gave
bread to every day, and some he gave them free accommodation. So many
people are crying, not because of what he used to do for them, but
because of the kind of man he was," said Maganedisa.

Scrooby was a mechanical technology teacher at John Orr Technical High
School in Auckland Park. - Sapa


[Fwd: The reason I've called you both to the White House...]

[Fwd: LOL! Getaway car runs out of petrol]

By Anele Siwa

As far as getaway vehicles go, hiring a taxi with no petrol to transport
stolen goods is probably not the smartest idea.

But this is exactly what two robbers did when residents of a Flats
neighbourhood caught them loading a stolen TV and a bag of clothes into
a cockroach taxi.

To make matters even worse for the hapless pair, the taxi they hired ran
out of petrol and angry residents caught one suspect and beat him up.

The pair broke into the Magcanyana Street house in Hazeldene, near
Philippi, on Tuesday morning.

Angry home owner Themba Sitshiongaye, 37, said a neighbour saw the
stupid pair packing her valuables into a Toyota Tazz.

"My neighbour saw them loading my stuff in a car and she told my
sister," said Sitshiongaye.

"When she tried to stop them, they started pushing their car as it
didn't want to start."

Sitshiongaye said one of the alleged thieves is a relative who knew he
wasn't at home.

"He probably saw me when I was with his sister in their home in
Gugulethu," he said.

Taxi driver and owner Sifiso Madikizela, 17, said he met one suspect in
KTC [informal settlement] near Gugulethu where he hired him.

"He said the goods belonged to him and he promised to pay me R80," he said.

The _underage driver_ said he had driven the men to Sitshiongaye's house
where they started loading a TV, home theatre system and clothes.

As they were driving away, Madikizela's Tazz ran out of petrol. "I told
him to go and buy petrol and he walked to the petrol station," he said.

But as the suspect returned, neighbours saw him and he ran away. His
accomplice also fled.

Unfortunately for the first thief, he was caught near Kwakhikhi,
Gugulethu, and was beaten to a pulp.

"I dont know how I'm going to get my R80 now when he's lying helpless
like this," Madikizela told the Daily Voice. - Daily Voice


Fwd: A Brakpan Love Poem

 Of Course I Love You Bokkie
 I Only Smaak You Dik
 You Cook And Clean And Iron My Shirts
 And Look After Me Wen I'm Sick

 So Your Bum Is Only Big Hey
 But I Don't Mind A Bit Of Flab
 It Means That When I'm Lekker Jags
 There's Somethin There To Grab

 So Your Belly Isn't Flat No More
 I Tell You, I Don't Care
 So Long As When I Druk You
 I Can Get My Arms Round There

 No Stukkie Who Is Your Age
 Has Nice Round Perky Breasts
 They Just Gave In To Gravity
 But I Know You Did Yor Best

 I'm Not Tuning Kak Now
 I Never Tell You Lies
 But I Think It's Lank Sexy
 That You've Got Dimples On Your Thighs

 I Swear On My Ouma's Grave Now
 The Moment That We Met
 I Said To All My Chinas
 "Now That's A Lekker Slet"

 So No Matter Wot You Look Like
 I'll Always Love You Dear
 Now Shut Up While The Rugby 's On
 And Fetch Me Another Beer!


#itkillsme to realise that racism is alive and well #inSouthAfrica


[Fwd: Lukhona Mnguni requests RSA President "Jacob Zuma" to step down]

Subject: COPE (Congress of the People) member Lukhona Mnguni requests
RSA President "Jacob Zuma" to Step down.

Dear Mr President Jacob ZumaShare
Today at 4:54am
Dear Mr President Jacob Zuma

After having read the front page story of the Sunday Times
(31/01/2010), I feel compelled to write to you as this ordinary
citizen that I am. Because I am a commoner, my judgement of your
actions could be regarded as disrespect. Equally you might be
indulging in all these sordid acts because you feel that you cannot be
questioned and brought to book.

As a young man I have an interest in the way in which those in power
are behaving, so as to ensure that we have good, moral and ethical
leaders to look upon. A public figure who does not inspire confidence
or does not conduct themselves in a manner that seek to inspire
development of society, should be eliminated from the limelight and
sent into the deepest of corners so that their misleading acts are
shunned. To me you happen to be such an individual.

In your address during your inauguration and also in your first State
of the Nation address, you emphasised greatly on moral regeneration.
The reason why religion has seemingly failed to produce members that
embody the values taught in religious institutions is because the
preachers themselves are failing to be upright leaders who live out
what they preach. You are such a preacher to me.

Given your past record that displays you as a man who is easily
tempted by indulging in sexual intercourse, it is very difficult for
me to throw water over the claims made by the Sunday Times. To me it
is irrelevant that the person you impregnated is the daughter of Dr
Irvin "The Iron Duke" Khoza, I would still feel the same way even if
it was just yet another woman. If this baby was born under normal
circumstances, it means that you must have slept with this lady around
January 2009. During the same time you had already paid Lobola for
Thobeka Madiba-Zuma and you were planning your wedding day with her.
At the same time you were already having the pleasure of being
attended to by two wives. I suppose given that you were busy
campaigning for the 2009 General Elections, the challenges that you
faced couldn't be accommodated by your wives, you needed to find
solace and release your masculine energy on another woman outside

What nauseates me the most is the fact that this lady got pregnant,
meaning you had unprotected sex yet again. To me it is clear that you
have unprotected sex with your wives, because you do it so easily with
"omakhwapheni". It means you are a risk to your wives, because you
seem to be fishing for HIV, so that you can take the catch home and
distribute it evenly amongst them. Unless there is preventive
medication for HIV that you have and we the ordinary people do not
have access to.

The Zulu Kingdom should be ashamed at how you have paraded their
culture of polygamy, a culture that is in fact to me very demeaning of
women. To me it symbolises true qualities of chauvinism and
patriarchy, whereby if a man is not satisfied with one woman, then
they can go get another. Meanwhile society would vilify a woman who
would take a second man. Polygamy also promotes cheating on your wife,
because you must first know the second wife, well in your case sixth,
intimately on stolen moments away from your wife. So during that time
you are lying to your wife or wives claiming to be seeing no one
besides them and even to God, whom you made such a pact with when
getting married.

Polygamy reduces women to objects that are used to just satisfy the
egos of many men out there, who see having many women as a sense of
superiority and achievement. To me this is a very small minded sense
of thinking.

I cannot have you preach morality to me when you partake in such
disgusting acts that make me feel if only I was not a South African.
When a sex scandal broke off about Mr Bill Clinton, he had to step
down as President of the USA. The President of the World Bank stepped
down after such allegations were tabled against him. However to you it
is just yet another day another dollar and nothing will happen,
because you are hiding behind tradition and using it to camouflage
your helpless sexuality.

You are a man who does not respect women clearly, a man who does not
believe in treating your wives with the best respect they deserve. I
doubt maKhumalo is happily married to you, but she is probably fearful
of what shall become of her if she were to leave you. It is
unfortunate that the majority of the people in your organisation find
your acts acceptable; it goes to show how the morals of the ANC have
become fragmented over the years.

You occupy the highest seat in our land and many people will find a
way of using your acts to justify their mistakes and atrocious
behaviours which resemble yours. You are not a beacon of hope to me,
but rather that one of disaster.

It is impossible that you could raise all your 20 children, so it
means that you promote unstructured families whereby kids grow up with
single parents. You promote and justify cheating. You promote for
society to discredit the three pillars of fighting HIV, because you do
not Abstain, you do not get to Be Faithful, you do not Condomize.

What are you good for? Absolutely nothing. You are shaming our country
and making it seem as if we are unable to be led by principled

You are a health risk to your wives, you are a financial risk to the
taxpayers who must pay for your opulence and you still pledge your
support to communists.

I ask of you to step down as President, before you turn South Africa
into a quagmire that resembles your sexual life and its animalistic

Written by: Lukhona Mnguni
COPE and COPESM member, in his personal capacity

[Fwd: 49 children in a taxi, and it gets worse... (shortened)]

By Sinegugu Ndlovu

KZN traffic police were shocked to find 49 school children crammed into
a taxi they had stopped at Mooi River Toll Plaza yesterday morning.

Worse was to follow when they discovered that the driver was five times
over the legal alcohol limit.

Road Traffic Inspectorate chief Collin Govender said the pupils, who
were between three and 13 years old, had been at huge risk.

'His vision was blurred'The taxi, which was certified to carry 16
passengers, had been travelling to Estcourt, where the children went to

"The children were sitting on top of each other. It's outrageous when
you consider that these are school children who were being transported
by someone in possession of a public driver's permit. Driving under the
influence of alcohol is one thing, but when you consider the lives of
all these children it shows how irresponsible the driver is," said

"His vision was blurred. It's 30km from Mooi River to Estcourt and he
still had to drive to different schools when he arrived in the town to
drop off the children. The children had to remain in that
(uncomfortable) position until they got to school. They had their school
bags with them and the conductor was also in the taxi," he said.

"We are fortunate (that nothing happened). This was a disaster waiting
to happen."

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Mercury on
February 04, 2010


[Fwd: In Africa, animals rule!!!!


This guy is:

(a) Running across the border
(b) Making his getaway from a petrol station robbery
(c) Midway through a gum boot dance
(d) None of the above.

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