[Fwd: 'Stupid-as-Zuma' teacher gets warning]

A Durban high school teacher has landed in hot water over remarks she
made in her classroom, comparing her pupils' behaviour to that of
President Jacob Zuma.

The incident, for which the Reservoir Hills Secondary School teacher has
been given a written warning, happened on Tuesday last week.

A parent, who would not be named, said that the pupils had become noisy
when the Grade 8 teacher had turned her back to them to write on the
chalkboard. When the teacher turned back to them, the pupils quietened

"She asked the children why they were acting innocently, like their
president. One of the children asked which president she was referring
to and she responded 'the stupid one, Jacob Zuma'. The pupil asked what
their behaviour had to do with Zuma and the teacher said they were 'not
having a political debate'."

Education Department spokeswoman Mbali Thusi said that the department
was looking into the matter.


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