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In South Africa, the expensive cars and lavish lifestyle of black
politicians often make headlines. However, the small town of Eshowe in
Kwazulu-Natal provice was abuzz last week with the news of two black
VIPs crashing a Ferrari and Lamborghini into each other.

When a white man, Mr. Tony Simpson, tried to take a photograph of the
damaged vehicles, he was racially abused with the words: "What you want
here, white man, you can't afford a car like this!"

A wedding ceremony held by a so-called "ANC family" - the ANC is South
Africa's ruling party, receiving 65% of the votes - was held at the
sports centre in Eshowe where the field was trashed with broken bottles
and glasses. After the wedding Romeo Mbambo, owner of the yellow
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and the driver of the Ferrari F430 decided
to race one another along the main street, Kangella street..

Mbambo is a former assassin of the ANC's main rival in black politics,
the Inkatha Freedom Party, who received amnesty from the South African
Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He and six other black men had been
involved in 56 incidences of violence in which 100 people had been
killed in the late eighties and early nineties. Nowadays he supplies
protection services to VIPs in the coastal city of Durban.

The damage to the two Italian sports cars is estimated at R1 million
(about $130 000), according to a spokesman for Lamborghini South Africa.

The flashy wedding in Eshowe, attended by ANC politicians, could have
been mistaken for a luxury-car show with Mercedes coupés, Porsches, as
well a brand-new Ferrari with temporary plates vying for attention in
the parking lot.

Apparently Mbambo and his fellow racer were on their way to a nearby dam
to take pictures of the bride and groom when their driving skills proved
inadequate. The drivers of the two sports cars - with import duties
worth about R4,7 million ($600 000) in South Africa - were unharmed but
a lamppost was badly damaged, to the chagrin of the local taxpayers who
would have to repair it.

Some of the white bystanders who wanted to take photos with their
cellphones were smacked and assaulted while the black police on the
scene simply looked on, doing nothing.

The police also had no official record of the accident, as Mbambo had
said that "he would deal with it himself".



Jaco du Preez 09:24  

So Glad we decided to move to New Zealand! This use to be my Hometown for almost 7 years and we use to live in that street with our child!. Still have friends and Family there and miss them but not THAT(WHOLE RACIAL ABUSE)!!Don't know why people bother staying there??? Being loyal to a country that doesn't want you! Is it worth it???

Anonymous 11:06  

Unlike Jaco du Preez I have been living in Eshowe for 27 years and do not feel the same, been a white female I am still very happy in Eshowe. Jaco you should have stuck around a little longer in Eshowe, Eshowe is a small town with a big heart, you judging it by what people did who do not live here!!! This was one very rare incident which took place, Mr Simpson was verbally attacked and assaulted as he was holding a reporters camera not his own. Eshowe people have big hearts and live happily together with the odd incident.

Anonymous 13:13  

Sour grapes Jaco?? Are you loneley there in NZ? Just coz you couldnt accept living equally with Africans you chose to leave.
the truth is we dont need people like you in this country (i'm glad people like anaymous are still around to make this country work)
The fact that you still keep taps on little happenings like these and they get you excited coz its Africans must mean that you miss being here and you are triying to convince yourself that you did the rign thing by moving. come on bra, get over it and focu on your new life there (if you have one)

Jonathan 08:28  

Well if we look at the big picture of this accident and changed but one aspect of it!! Yes the drivers or should I say owners of the car, then what would of the conversation been like.
Well the white guy would say to the supposed "Black" reporter stay away as you cannot afford these cars and nobody would have been alarmed by that comment. But since in reality it is now reversed it now becomes a big political issue. Secondly if any person had two of those cars and they had just been crashed they would be very upset especially if they might not have been insured. So not all comments should be taken literally.
And yes I do live on Eshowe and have done for ten years and think this Town is great. So lets not look at the negativity of an accident and justify our life styles. Some have it and others don't, so face it.

Anonymous 00:10  

This has many inaccuracies and falsehoods. The writer should be ashamed of him/herself to want to portay this "accident" as something it wasn't.

Anonymous 16:36  

I don't know when you guys will realise that you are supposed to be disgruntled. Hell, you declared yourselves demi-gods and the rest of us were "amper mens" or animals. It must be pure anguish to be, not lesser than or more than but. . . wait for it . . EQUAL!!!

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