[Fwd: 'Kill the f***ing whites now!!!']

By Carien du Plessis and Murray Williams
Staff Writers

The PAC has come under fire after messages urging the killing of whites
were posted on its Facebook site.

The party says it will not remove the offending posts.

The messages, which said an army of about 3 000 people was standing by,
ready to kill white people within 24 hours if requested to do so, were
still on the site after a Facebook user alerted the administrator to the

Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos yesterday said the messages were
a "clear-cut" example of hate speech and that the Facebook posters, as
well as the administrator of the site, could be taken to the equality
court if they refused to remove the messages.

Independent media analyst and Facebook user Martin Slabbert said he had
asked the posters and site administrator Anwar Adams, who is the PAC's
provincial interim chairman, to remove the messages.

"I did a similar thing during the election campaign when a group was
started named 'Let's assassinate (DA leader) Helen Zille', and the group
was removed," Slabbert said.

Adams posted a message on the site yesterday thanking posters, but urged
them not to stoop to the level of whites in their debate "for we are a
better people".

"We are the soldiers that must prevent the previous (sic) advantaged
individuals (whites - I hate calling them that for they are not white)
from ever raping our dignity and land," he said in his post.

Adams told the Cape Argus today: "I don't know the people (who posted
the comments) personally. But I'm not going to ban them.

"We believe that there's only one race, and that's the human race. We
don't go according to colour. It's got nothing to do with your
pigmentation. If you're born in Africa, then you're African."

But Adams said that even though the PAC disagreed with the comments
along racial lines, he believed it was important to allow people to
express their feelings.

"If we want to heal as a country, we need to understand what each other
feel, and that requires that we hear each other's feelings" he said.

It was in this spirit that he refused to "ban" the comments.

The messages posted above a You Tube video clip showing Nelson Mandela
with a group of people allegedly singing songs about "killing white

A Facebook poster called Ahmed El Saud said in his post: "Kill the
f***ing whites now!!! If you afraid of them, let's do it for you. In
return, you can pay us after the job has been done... text us... we are
not afraid for the whites like your own people... it's a disgrace ... he
asked you and you don't want to... we will do it, Mandela!"


In another posting he said: "Mandela asked so nice, start at home with
food poison, gas leaks, cut the phone lines, kill the babies in the
pool, be creative or if you have no nerve, call me and my team ... we
have 3 000 on standby and can be ready with in 24 hours... think about
it now or good luck."

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Cape Argus on
February 25, 2010


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