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By Mercury Correspondents

As media scrutiny continued around Julius Malema yesterday, it appeared
he no longer had a valid driver's licence and that he also had several
unpaid fines.

The Mercury has reliably learned, and confirmed, that Malema's driver's
licence expired in September last year and has not been renewed.

It has also been established that the ANC Youth League president has 12
outstanding traffic fines, amounting to R4 450.

The offences were committed during the past two years around in Joburg.
Eleven of them were for speeding and one for jumping a red robot
(traffic light). The fines range from R100 to R1 100 from September 2008
until September last year.

According to an official at the traffic department, nine of Malema's
fines have "stagnated" after several failed attempts by traffic
officials to serve summons for the outstanding fines at an address in
Seshego, Limpopo. The Joburg Metro Police Department claims he could not
be found, despite Malema being a prominent figure. (???)

All the fines were linked to a C-class Mercedes-Benz, which Malema last
week confirmed as the only vehicle that he owned.

He has also been seen on two separate occasions in a a R1.2m Range Rover
that lacked number plates.

Malema refused to comment on the outstanding traffic fines or his
expired driver's licence. When he was initially contacted he asked for a
request via Sms, but failed to respond to that and to numerous follow-up
telephone calls. However, youth league spokesman Floyd Shivambu
responded on Malema's behalf, saying: "We don't know anything about
that, so I won't be commenting."

Shivambu said the information was confidential and threatened to "act"
if it was published.

Source: IOL


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