Vuvuzelas can cause hearing loss

...and saying so is racist?

So it turns out the droning, soulless buzz of South Africa's
ever-present plastic vuvuzela horns that caused people around the world
to punish the mute button on their remotes and had players complaining
that they couldn't hear each other on the pitch at last summer's
Confederations Cup can be quite damaging to your hearing.
The horns, which FIFA president Sepp Blatter has refused to ban for this
summer's World Cup (even though they did for the World Cup draw), were
the subject of a study conducted by professor De Wet Swanepoel of the
University of Pretoria and Dr. James Hall from the University of Florida
that was published in the South African Medical Journal and the findings
weren't good...


Comment 22. Posted by FanaS Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:59 pm EDT
As a black south african I am used to white racist or western
commenting about anything they don't like about african, and you know
what We don't give a damn care because there is No such a thing like
banning the vuvuzela. And for your information well minded white south
africa appreciate the vuvuzela. Come visit south africa on any friday
you will see how all south african adore this world cup. except those
bustard white suckers. Vuvuzela Here in South africa to stay, those
Spanish team and Japanness must go to hell together with that stupid
Swanepoel of University of Tswane/Pretoria


Anonymous 11:58  

ROTFLMAO!!! Amazing how Anything said that an African does NOT like, is somehow Racist. Wake up Buddy. I am an African!!! There is nothing RACIST about that.

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