[Fwd: Malema loses it - again (summarised)]

Julius Malema seems to have blown it. Yesterday the ANC Youth League
leader had another tantrum, this time in Limpopo, where he clouted a
party rival with a chair and threw journalists out of a chaotic youth
league conference.
His latest outburst comes after his now-infamous tirade against BBC
reporter Jonah Fisher in Joburg on Thursday, which finally spurred
President Jacob Zuma into action.
Yesterday at a press conference in Durban, Zuma described Malema's
behaviour as "unacceptable", "totally out of order", "against ANC
culture", and warranting "consequences".
Zuma was last week roasted by opposition parties, church and business
leaders for his tardiness in dealing decisively with Malema.
Having fallen foul of the president, Malema was no longer popular among
some circles yesterday in Makhado in Limpopo, where the youth league was
holding its provincial conference. Open fighting broke out and at one
stage police had to use a water cannon to calm things down.


Anonymous 14:18  

Malema didn’t call the reporter a bastard, he thought the guy’s name was Ted...

So he was calling him Baas Ted.

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