Post Office blacklisted

Rampant theft by Post Office workers has infuriated internet retailing
giant Amazon so much that it will no longer send goods to South Africa
by post, Business Day has reported.

Anyone wanting to order directly from the US-based website must now pay
for a private courier service adding about R420 to the price of a DVD.

No one from the Post Office would comment.

No other African country's postal service had been blacklisted by
Amazon, Business Day said. - Sapa


Louis 05:55  

lol, Oh, it's good to be in London.

Even the UK home-affiars doesn't trust the SouthAfrican postal service (that is why you need to physically drop off your "Working Holiday Visa" IN Midrand, just so that it can be couriered back to Pretoria???(at a £40 charge, yes, that right! Almost R600 whohoo)

And if you ever need to get a new Passport while abroad, yup, you guessed it, The SOUTH AFRICAN EMBASSY (where ever you are) will actually POST the Application forms BACK to SA, Pretoria to be:

1) miss-placed ,bent and folded
2) lost,
3)found, corrected and miss-labelled,
4) lost again or put in the wrong "queue" due to "database error"
4.1.1) After many many emails and finally emails and SMS's to the private emails and Cellphone numbers (which are on the internet if you know where to look)
5) recovered and finally printed
6) Then posted back to *your location you specified 4 to 5 months earlier (where you might not even reside anymore...)

About the online purchasing:
I used to order a lot of stuff Online while I was still in SA (mostly from Amazon and other US companies) , and the hassle with "Duty officials" at the airport over "Balloon animal" balloons was enough to make a clown out of anyone...

And I still had hopes for starting a internet business in SA, eisch..

nowadays I can order everything I want online, and delivered in just a day or two.

If I know it won't fit through my door mail slot,
I just put a delivery note to say to leave it outside behind the hedge, out of view of the public (yes it's my South African specticism still not trusting people enough..)

Better to try non-tangible products in SA:


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