Van on holiday...

Van was on a lekker holiday in Durbs.

One day he heard from his friends that there was a fancy dress ball, and
he could go. The dress theme was to symbolise a country. Unsure what to
do, he hid in a bush outside the hall and watched what was going on.

A woman arrived scantily dressed in a few feathers. When the doorman
asked what country she was she said "Turkey", so he said, "Feathers,
Turkey, OK you can go in".

Another beautiful and shapely woman arrived clad only in a "G" string,
her body smeared with oil. She said she was Iran. "Oil, Iran. OK, go in."

So then Van sauntered up to the door naked except for a brown paper
packet placed over his manhood and said he was from Pakistan.

The doorman could not understand and asked Van to explain: "Bring
daardie twee vroue uit, dan sal jy sien hoe hierdie pakkie staan!"


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