Advice for hooligans and other World Cup 2010 tourists...

What FIFA did not mention about 2010

Advice for 2010 tourists

Do not take your chances by breaking even the most trivial of laws in
South Africa.

Do not think a little hooliganism will land you in a comfy cell where
you will sleep it off, have a scrumptious breakfast then take a taxi to
the beach the next morning.

Drinking in public, or even dropping your candy wrapper, will get you
arrested and thrown into a very dark dirty cell were you WILL be raped
and assaulted by as many people as there may be in your communal cell,
and for as many hours are you are there.

Here some trivial drunken mischief will scar you for life and almost
guarantee you an Aids death sentence. Forget about your basic human
rights, your one telephone call or any assistance from warders or police
when you scream for help.

The condom that is issued to you on your arrival at the cells is not for
your pleasure, but for one of the 30 men that will rape you. I would
strongly advise that you consider where, and how much you drink as this
could alter your life forever.

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