'You will die if you rape me'

A 29-year-old woman has told the Pretoria regional court that she warned
two men who wanted to rape that they would die if they raped her because
she was pregnant.
The woman was giving evidence yesterday in the trial of Edward Thabang
Mosehla ,20, and Happy Ngomane Masinga ,25, whom she said believed her.
Mosehla and Masinga were earlier found guilty on three charges of
robbery with aggravating circumstances, two charges of rape, three of
kidnapping, one of attempted murder and the unlawful possession of a
semi-automatic firearm and ammunition.
The 29-year-old complainant testified that she got in a taxi at the
Denneboom Station in Mamelodi at about 10 one evening in December 2005.
Inside the taxi was the driver and his 20-year-old girlfriend.
A few minutes later the taxi was stopped by two men who got in.
"One of the men pulled out a firearm and pointed it against the driver's
head," the woman told the court.
Near Mahube Valley, east of Mamelodi, the men took the driver's money
and cap and tied him up with his shoe laces. "They just left him there
in the veld," the court heard.
The robbers took off with the taxi and the two women inside.
Near the Cullinan/Moloto Road they stopped and ordered the younger woman
to undress.
When she refused, they hit her with their fists and while she was
fighting her attackers, they fired a shot in her direction.
The older woman testified that both men raped the younger woman in front
of her. "She cried and screamed the whole time," she said.
It was when the men wanted to rape the older woman that she told them
she was pregnant.
"They turned to the girl and raped her again," she said.
The women managed to untie themselves after they were left behind by
their attackers.
They found a taxi and went to the police station and then the hospital.
The robbers drove to a tavern for drinks.
The vehicle had a tracking system and the police and tracking company
Netstar closed in on the two suspects.
The vehicle was forced to stop and the driver tried to run away, but was
caught by a police dog.


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