Schabir Shaik out on parole.....

Convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik has reportedly survived his first
night back in his luxury Durban mansion after serving 84 days of his
15-year prison sentence. Shaik's doctors have confirmed that he is in
the final stages of a terminal condition called "life", and that the
condition is irreversible. "We can only pray he makes it through the
next 30 years," said one.
Shaik's medical parole ended the former businessman's harrowing prison
ordeal, during which he spent 220 out of 304 days in a private hospital.
However Shaik's personal physician and longtime friend, Dr Kildare
Scott-Free, told journalists this morning that Shaik's prognosis was
"very grim".
"Prisoners only get medical parole if they are in the final stages of a
terminal condition," said Scott-Free.
"In Schabir's case, the ANC-approved parole board found that the
condition in question was an awful and debilitating disease that we in
the medical fraternity call 'life'."
He said that "life" had a zero-percent survival rate.
"Sufferers usually die within about 80 years of contracting the
condition," he explained.
He confirmed that Shaik had survived his first night back at home, but
that the condition had worsened slightly.
"Each day that goes past the sufferer loses about 24 hours," explained
"Last night it was touch and go," he said. "At one point he couldn't
find the remote for the plasma screen and his blood pressure shot up.
"But we managed to calm him down by showing him his latest bank statement."
Shaik recently received R5-million from the state as compensation for
interest lost when his assets were seized following his convictions.
However Scott-Free said that last night's emergency was a grim sign of
things to come.
"We can't always be there to give him the remote and remind him how rich
he is," he said.
"The outlook isn't good. I'm not sure Schabir will make it through the
next 30 years.
"This really is the end."
Meanwhile the ANC has denied that it fast-tracked Shaik's parole because
Jacob Zuma was running short of cash and needed "a little pick-me-up
until payday".


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