Afrikaners all around

What do you call...

1. A doctor that does circumcisions? Dr. P.P. Snyman
2. An Afrikaner Gynaecologist? Dr.Koekemoer
3. An Afrikaner who doesn't go to church? Van NieKerk
4. The Afrikaner that's always high? POTgieter
5. An Afrikaner that trips and falls in the mountains? Van der Berg
6. The Afrikaner that votes in EVERY election? WOUTER
7. The Afrikaner that drives the loud Datsun Stanza? BASSon
8. The Afrikaner that is very well endowed? De LANGE
9. A male Afrikaner that prefers other male species? De KOCK
10. An Afrikaner moffie? Sakkie De Kock.


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