The cow jumped over the Nissan 1400?!

Every once in a while a tale so bizarre that it can only be described
as weirder than fiction walks through the doors of the Daily Dispatch.
Monday was such a day. It came in the form of Peddie chief traffic
officer Johann Jooste, who took these pictures.
See below for the story he had to tell:
Jooste said he was in his office at the Ngqushwa Municipality when he
heard a commotion and went outside to see what it was all about.
"At first, I thought the driver was ferrying the cow on the bakkie's
roof. Then the driver got out, and told us that he was here to report an
accident," an incredulous Jooste said.
Apparently, the driver hit the cow on the N2 outside Peddie and the
animal flipped right over, landing on the tough little Nissan 1400's
The shocked, but uninjured driver proceeded to the traffic department,
with the cow on top of the bakkie.
Jooste said the unfortunate animal suffered serious injuries and was to
be put down.
"In all my 29 years as a traffic officer, I have never seen something
like this," Jooste added.
All the Dispatch Online team can say is: "Only in the Eastern Cape."


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