Homing pigeon faster than ADSL! (edited)

Johannesburg - Telkom says it cannot be blamed for slow broadband
services at a Durban-based company which claims a pigeon can carry its
data bundles faster.
Local news agency SAPA reported the 11-month-old pigeon, Winston, took
one hour and eight minutes to fly the 80km from Unlimited IT's offices
near Pietermaritzburg to the coastal city of Durban with a data card was
strapped to his leg.
Including downloading, the transfer took two hours, six minutes and 57
seconds - the time it took for only four percent of the data to be
transferred using a Telkom line.
SAPA said Unlimited IT performed the stunt after becoming frustrated
with slow Internet transmission times.
The company has 11 call-centres around the country and regularly sends
data to its other branches.
"Telkom would like to clarify that the company cannot be blamed for this
particular customer's lack of throughput speeds," Troy Hector, executive
of business sales and ICT business solutions, told SAPA in an email on
"Several recommendations have, in the past, been made to the customer
but none of these have, to date, been accepted. It must also be noted
that Telkom is not the customer's core service provider," said Hector.
The Unlimited company, which operates call centres, on Wednesday sent a
pigeon with a four gigabyte data card strapped to his legs from Howick
to Hillcrest in Durban.
At the same time, it started transmitting a four gigabyte file via ADSL.
In total, it took two hours, six minutes and 57 seconds for Winston the
pigeon to fly to Hillcrest and to upload the data from the card onto the
call centre system.
By that time, the ADSL transmission of the same data size was around
four percent complete.


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