BEE board of directors

Frikkie and Johan were close friends since childhood.

They decided they wanted to go into business together, but had to find
a black partner for BEE compliance.

So Johan asks his gardener to join the business, and they all meet to
form the new company.

Frikkie says, "OK! I'll invest R100,000."

Johan says, "I will go for R200,000".

Sipho says, "All right, I'll put in R100 for my 33 % of the shares."

Johan says, "If I'm putting in R200,000, I'll be the President and CEO
of the corporation.
You, Frik, for your R100,000, you can be Vice President and CFO, and
Sipho, for your R100, you will be our Sexual Adviser."

Puzzled, Sipho asks Johan, "What is a Sexual Adviser?"

Johan replies, "When we want your f…..g advice, we'll ask for it."


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