Goodbye CitiGolf

Johannesburg - After 25 years of production, Volkswagen South Africa
(VWSA) is retiring its iconic budget hatchback Citi Golf.

The Citi is a South Africa-only model and over its lifetime more than
377 000 units found owners. Together with sales of the first Golf model
(the A1) on which the Citi is based, more than 517 000 vehicles have
been produced on the same platform in Uitenhage since 1978.
The Citi will be replaced by an as yet unnamed entry-level product in
the first quarter of 2010 However, VWSA MD David Powels said given the
German manufacturer's global model line-up, the new vehicle would
inevitably be priced higher than the R87 000 the Citi is retailing at.
The original Citi cost R6 700 at launch.

One of those working on the first Citigolf was designer clothing
retailer Jenni Button, who also designed the clothes used in the ad
campaigns for the first model.
To honour the brand the last Citi will be doing a victory lap around the
country to offer everyone the opportunity to come and bid farewell to
Citi by signing the vehicle.



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