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- I'm going for a goof this arvy.
- Scopes.
- Flicks.
- What's the "Aggie?"
- Hy het haar uitgeskop, verstaan jy my.
- Check my new jammy!
- We going to Durbs with the car, probably see lots of Vaalies
there, all the ou toppies, tannies and ooms, nie waar nie?
- My ol' lady! My ol' man.
- My broer! My sussie.
- Knobkerrie. Sjambok.
- It's so hot, I'm vrekking off here.
- Baie mooi.
- He lives in the Gamadoeles.
- She lives out in the Bundu.
- The Dingas.
- I dopped my exams and my folks are having a cadenza.
- Chips, here comes the Teacher.
- I'll have a dop of brandy.
- Ops me a pencil.
- Baie Dankie, hoor! Aseblieftog!
- Plaasjapie.
- Ag Shame, man, were you home stokkies aleen??
- Wikkel.
- I've got no TOM, hey? (????)
- Koeksusters.
- Konfyt.
- Tuiswywerheid.
- Biltong.
- Vet-koek.
- Braaivleis.
- Boerevors en Pap.
- Poitjiekos.
- Mielie.
- Rooibos Tea.
- Grondboontjiebotter
- Ouma se Rusks. Fanny Farmers
- "Hau."
- Dorp.
- Pandokkie
- She took me around." Around where?
- And what about "See that ou?? He threw me with (wif) a stone."
- The Spanspek is vrot!
- Takkies.
- Ag, Dame!!!!!!
- Listen, Lady!!!!!!
- They taste so good 'cos they eat so good!


Exzanian 21:13  

O jirre tog, dankie vir hierdie ene! Piele man!

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