[Fwd: Big Brother is a common thief]

By Caryn Dolley

When he was not watching, she stole his wallet.

What the City of Cape Town law enforcement officer did not take into
consideration though, was that she was caught on a surveillance camera
in the very room other Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras were
being monitored.

The city's safety and security director Richard Bosman said the officer,
currently on sick leave, faced disciplinary action or suspension. A
criminal complaint was also lodged against her.

'We will institute disciplinary proceedings against her'
Bosman said according to information he had received about the incident,
the officer had returned her colleague's wallet to him a few days after
it was taken, not by handing it to him, but via a private courier company.

Some money was missing from it.

The wallet was stolen on January 3 in the Metro Police's CCTV Control
Room in Goodwood along the N1.

Bosman said two dozen people worked in the control room per shift.

Although the officer was not monitoring CCTV footage, she had access to
it. Bosman said those who worked in the control room were tasked with
monitoring CCTV camera footage, answer telephone calls and complaints to
the room and monitor alarms at council premises.

"This is a major concern for us. Especially because it involves somebody
in the control room where people with the highest degree of honesty are
needed," he said.

Bosman said investigations so far did not show the woman had worked with
others, had possibly notified others of where CCTV cameras were or had
ignored crimes caught on the cameras.

Bosman said those working in the CCTV control room had all known there
were also cameras in the room to monitor their movements. He said after
the incident the officer had gone on sick leave.

"We will institute disciplinary proceedings against her as soon as she
returns or if she does return," he said.

Metro police chief Rob Young said it was not clear yesterday where the
officer was.

Police were not able to respond to queries yesterday.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Times on January
12, 2010


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