[Fwd: Knife vests?]

Johannesburg - World Cup organisers on Monday denounced a company
advertising anti-stab vests for fans at the June soccer tournament in
South Africa, accusing them of trying to make money from scare tactics.
The British company's website (www.protektorvest.com) advertises
anti-stab vests for $69.95 and says they can be decorated with
customised slogans or team colours. As part of its pitch, it quotes
crime statistics on South Africa, which has one of the world's highest
rates of violent offences.

Offering "free delivery to your hotel in Johannesburg/Pretoria during
the World Cup 2010" and their own collection point would suggest someone
with local connections is using scare tactics to market what appears to
be a substandard and useless product anyway (honestly, what do you
expect for 70 bucks)?

The only thing it'll be good for is to keep you warm: The World Cup is
being held when it's winter in South Africa.


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