[Fwd: Moron of the year: Julius Malema]

It's now almost official - Julius Malema is one of the world's [biggest]
morons, according to Time magazine.

The magazine annually publishes an eagerly awaited list of the 100 most
influential people in the world. Last week, it also published a list of
the 100 least influential people, sub-divided into four categories:
losers; flame-outs; morons and slimy bastards.

ANC Youth League president Malema was named one of more than 20 morons
to feature on the list of Least Influential People of 2010.

Julius Malema

"President of South Africa's African National Congress Youth League
Malema is just like Joe Biden - if instead of innocuous, silly slipups,
Biden delivered violent, racist, misogynist rants. It got so bad, he's
been censured by his party and convicted of hate speech. So he just said
violent things about the party."


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