[Fwd: Teachers strike set to delay exams]

Pics: "Teacher's strike in Tembisa" (those very same people that you
have entrusted to educate, supervise and protect your children?)


Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:36

Matric pupils will know in the next few days whether they will write
their preliminary exams next week.

The exams were scheduled to start on 3 September but the ongoing
public servants strike has meant pupils have not covered all of the
necessary work.

Township schools have been hit the hardest by the mass action. Last
week, only around 20 percent of schools in Gauteng were open.

Over a million public servants are on strike over wages. Government
says it is essentially giving them 8.5 percent, just 0.1 percent less
than what unions are demanding.


Anonymous 21:27  

Any way of knowing if the teacher pictures are really teachers?

Exzanian 22:00  

Nicked this one for ILUVSA
In terms of your disclaimer but obviously I supplied your link.

hmvh 18:10  

A valid question: To be honest, I don't know. This is how it was received, and in light of the convenient timing it is not impossible. For all we know they're a bunch of rampaging cleaners.

Either way, it's one interesting "demonstration" of dissatisfaction.

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