In case you were thinking that Berea and Hillbrow entered the New Year
(2010) in a civilized fashion, the MOB showed their mentality.

This series of photographs was taken between 7am and 8am on 1 January,
2010. Is this a war zone or a NORMAL residential area, one might ask.

These people have the STRANGEST way of celebrating -- by TRASHING their

The people of Hillbrow and Berea have a somewhat unique way of heralding
in the New Year.

Each New Year's night, at the stroke of midnight, they show their
enthusiasm and exuberance by throwing their belongings over their flats'

However, as had been the case in previous years, I did not see any
fridges or stoves that had been thrown off any balconies this year.

I MUST pay a CID levy to clean up others' MESS!!!!

Now I understand why the SAP were issued with military "moss-doppe"
(steel helmet, plastic liner) for doing their patrolling last night. Not
that a moss-dop would offer much protection, without its steel "outer".

A year or two ago we were told that the police went into these buildings
and MADE the tenants come out and clean their MESS. Certainly not the
case here. This building also falls within the CID area, I have to PAY
extra, besides my rates and taxes, to keep the place "cleaner."

I wonder if someone went without a bed after the celebrations?/

The ABOVE pictures show clearly why South Africa under the MOB RULE
system of so called DEMOCRACY can NEVER work.

The mob's MENTALITY is quite obvious.

And with authorities who are TOTALLY incompetent and incapable of
running the bathwater, let alone a city.

The final, long-term outcome, is quite clear.

One consolation, I suppose, I never saw any fridges or stoves that had
been thrown off balconies this year.

For those of you that might have friends and relatives (especially
overseas) that knew what Hillbrow used to be like in the NAUGHTY
apartheid days, please pass this mail on to them so they can see how
much things have *IMPROVED* under the new dispensation. *Viva !!!*


Anonymous 19:18  

Come to Italy(in the south) and you'll see the same

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