Fwd: Malema went out for drinks...

Malema went out for drinks with some of the ministers.

After a few hours of drinking Malema calls the waiter to bring the bill:

Malema       R400
Cele             R250
Mbalula       R450
Vavi             R200
TOTAL        R1300

Malema says, "Hai man! I will pay for everyone else, but Total must
pay for himself! I didn't invite him. Plus he owns a lot of garages
all over the country. He has enough money!"


Anonymous 22:22  

lol! Nw thts da Juju i knw, nut head

Anonymous 16:59  

Lmao lol joh good one, i'm gonna share this joke to my friends lmfao damn!

Anonymous 19:31  

dats a gud one.... 11 april are u..... 373848.

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