[Fwd: Burglar on Facebook]

KwaZulu-Natal - When James McCall of Hillcrest logged on to his computer
on Monday after a weekend break-in, he found that the burglar had posted
a picture of himself on his wife's Facebook site.

"I wanted to log on to change our passwords. I was surprised to see
activity on Barbara's profile and the picture of the man. "At first I
thought one of our relatives had posted it," said McCall.

McCall said they believed the man had mistakenly uploaded the picture,
because he (the burglar) had also uploaded others that the family had
taken but not put on Facebook.

"He probably did not realise he was doing it. Usually you never log off
from a tablet, so it could have happened quite quickly."

They handed the picture to authorities and hoped this would bring them
closer to apprehending the culprits.

He said his wife's Samsung tablet had been taken on Sunday, the latest
of five recent burglaries and a robbery at their Highway guesthouse. The
couple have lived in and run The Brackens B&B in Hillcrest since 2002.

"Since March last year, we've been burgled five times," said McCall.


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