#190: South Africa: Kaapse Liefdesbrief


Valentine, oh Valentine,
I smaak you stukkend, say you'll be mine.

You're my morning, my sunshine, my moon and my stars,
You're my air freshener from the OK Bazaars;

You're my beaded love-letter, my breeze in the night,
You're my coffee, my Cremora, my Blitz firelight.

You're my Crime-Stop, my Tracker, you're my AZT,
My pap, Mrs. Ball's chutney, my Nando's for free.

You're my lambchop, my dewdrop, my partner in crime,
My chillie, my pepper, my vetkoek sublime.

The list is just endless and this isn't all,
You're my Lotto jackpot, my dop and my zol.

You're my 4X4 when the road is so hilly,
You're the Floro margarine that butters my mielie,

I smaak you, my poppie, so please be my wife,
'cause, Babe, you're the Tomato Sauce on the slap chips of life.

[Contributed by Susanna]



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