#505: South Africa: Philemon and Beauty


Philemon and Beauty are sixty-nining when Philemon says, "Beauty, did
you know that the government spent R2 million on repairs to Mbeki's
house last year?"

"Eish-wena!" exclaims Beauty. "That is too much money," she adds.

"And," says Philemon, "did you know that one rape occurs every ten
minutes in Egoli?"

"Hau!" replies Beauty. "Philemon, you know everything," she says with

"Beauty," says Philemon, "and did you know that Felicia Mabuza-Suttle
had an operation to make her breasts bigger?"

"Haikona Philemon!" exclaims Beauty. "But Philemon," she asks, "even
though you know everything, why are you telling me all this while we
are having the sex?"

And Philemon replies, "Remember last year, when you forgot to buy the
toilet paper over the Christmas weekend, and we had to use newspaper?"

"Yebo, I remember", says Beauty.

"Well," says Philemon, "you still have page 16 of the Sowetan stuck to
your bum."


[Contributed by Peter Woods]

Tuna just doesn't taste the same anymore without dolphin...



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