Fwd: Boy gutted for his 'meat' [summarised]

By Angelique Serrao

A five-year-old boy lay in an open veld for hours with his intestines
hanging out after a man gutted him open with a glass bottle.

Nobody knows how long [he] lay in the open piece of ground near Kya
Sand. It was probably a few hours, because by the time the boy reached
doctors on Monday afternoon, he was dehydrated and in extreme shock.

[His] first good Samaritan was a group of local children who were
playing near the footpath where the five-year-old lay injured. When they
saw their friend lying there hurt, they did not hesitate and an older
boy quickly called the police.

When Constable Joshua Shilajoe arrived on the scene, he could not
believe what he saw: a tiny boy who looked at him with wide eyes while
his insides lay outside his body.

The child told the police that a man had stabbed him with a broken
bottle and told him he wanted to get some meat from him.


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