Robert's little known facts about overseas voting in the South African elections from Australia

Copy of letter sent to media!
To whoever may give a damn?
Did you know?
1) The IEC and/or ANC do not really want me to vote in the elections.
2) Australia is virtually the same size as the United States of America!
3) Queensland, a State of Australia, is bigger than South Africa!
4) All South Africans wanting to vote in Australia, will only have one
voting station, and must travel to Canberra in the ACT state! The
consulate office is 30 km from where I live but Canberra is 938 km.
5) The 15th of April is a working day in Australia, so in order to vote
all voters (and I suppose their children, unless you can leave them at
home alone) must pay for the flight to Canberra and put in a days leave
(this includes all consular staff, based at more convienient locations
throughout Australia), but I'm sure the South African Tax payer will
sort out their expenses.
6) That 98.73 percent of South Africans residing in Australia, live
outside of Canberra, A C T State, but, then I suppose the ambassador to
Australia and his staff are ANC members!
7) The distance of other state capitals and large towns from Canberra
(Listed from largest population to Canberra which has the 8th largest
population in Australia)

City - Population - Distance - Estimated South African population
Sydney - 4 280 900 - 240 km - 80 000
Melbourne - 3 353 300 - 473 km - 66 000
Brisbane - 1 544 300 - 938 km - 38 000
Perth - 1 390 800 - 3102 km - 53 000
Adelaide - 1 130 100 - 967 km - 9000
Newcastle - 485 100 - 351 km - 5000
Gold Coast - 381 100 - 903 km - 5000
Canberra - 322700 - 0 km - 3227
Woolongong - 156200 - 179 km - 1560

These numbers are low as most statistics show the South Africans don't
officially emigrate – they just leave and become naturalised
Australians. Seems like the IEC and ANC either don't know their
geography or don't really care.
8) Prisoners will have more convienient polling stations than South
Africans working overseas, but then again they have more rights than the
average South African!
9) Most South Africans residing in Australia would not vote for the ANC!
10) There is nothing I can do about this, not even vote, so sorry fellow
South Africans, you got to live another 4 years with the thieves,
rapists, murderers, corruption and greed and the worst of Africa's
criminals, refugees and and despots.
"N'kosi Sikelele Afrika", you need all the help you can get!


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