Children see mom killed by hijacker (summarised)

A woman's three children watched in horror as she bled to death in front
of them after being stabbed in the neck and heart by a hijacker who
drove off in her car.

Ulla Albertus, 38, had just returned to her Muizenberg home at around
6am yesterday after dropping off her husband Michael, an ADT armed
response officer, at work in Plumstead.

About 200m from her car, which was parked outside their flat in Rhodesia
Road, a man approached her demanding the keys.

They struggled and he plunged a knife into her neck and chest, severing
the main artery to her heart.

While he sped off in her white Uno (CA 110 800), Albertus ran inside the
block where she collapsed outside one of the flats.

The children heard the noise and came running out.

Michael rushed home to find a paramedic still administering CPR but his
wife died 15 minutes later. She wasn't able to speak to him. He said
their son Keishen, 18, who was due to start his matric exams this week,
Michaela, 10, and Kirsten, six, were traumatised after watching their
mother die.

The couple moved to Muizenberg from Athlone six months ago after
renewing their marriage vows.

He said his wife had been carrying R200 ($26 = 18€) in cash.

The hijacker had stolen it.


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