Zuma calls Malema 'leader in the making' (summarised)

By Carien du Plessis
Political Bureau

President Jacob Zuma has endorsed ANC Youth League president Julius
Malema as a future leader of the ANC.

In his most emphatic display of support for the controversial youth
league leader, Zuma praised Malema as a "leader in the making" and
someone who would be worthy of inheriting the ANC. Zuma said Malema was
made by the ANC.

"Some of us are no longer young and when we go across the mountain in
terms of age, we are happy that when we go on the organisation will
remain in real hands of (those) who will think about the people," he said.

"The ANC recognises talent and leadership and we give people an
opportunity. Julius has illustrated that he is indeed a good leader and
that he understands the people," Zuma said.

Zuma was speaking in Malema's Limpopo home town of Seshego, near
Polokwane, where he handed over a house and a church that had been built
with Malema's help.

Malema said he built the church after his mother, Florah Malema, a
domestic worker and regular churchgoer, had died before she could
accomplish her dream of doing so.

He urged the congregation not to burn the church down again when they
had disagreements, as had happened once when he was a child.


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