[Fwd: 8-year-old bitten, gouged, raped]

Gingindlovu residents are walking their children to and from school and
asking them to be extra-vigilant after an eight-year-old girl was
dragged into a sugarcane field by a 15-year-old fellow schoolboy who
raped and strangled her, bit her neck and tried to gouge out her eyes.

The child, who cannot be identified, was still in the Ngwelezane
Hospital in Empangeni on Wednesday night after undergoing an emergency
operation. Her right eye was heavily bandaged and still swollen. Doctors
said that she would make a full recovery.

The child had been on her way home from school on Monday with the
teenager, who attended the same school as her, when he pounced on her.

Police spokesman Colonel Jay Naicker said that a teenager had been
arrested and appeared in court in Gingindlovu on Wednesday.

"The suspect claimed that he was possessed by a demon as he heard
voices that prompted him to carry out the attack."

There is one intelligent comment: "What happened to our rainbow nation?
I certainly don't see these poor kids in any colour. The girl will be
traumatized all her life and the boy will live with this guilt, if any,
for the rest of his life behind bars. By the story, this 15 year old
boy is very disturbed and probably lives in a shack with other people
who copulate & rape day in and day out infront of him. It is a shame
that yet another youth slipped between the cracks."


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