Fwd: A pic from 29 February's Beeld newspaper

This captain of the Brooklyn station of the SA Police marks the accident
scene with his R-5 assault rifle. You need to be this dumb to get
promotion and reach captain in the SAPS. Competent officers from other
races have been waiting up to 14 years for a single promotion while
these bright sparks are escalated up the ladder. Obviously nobody told
this sod that a rock from the curb will also mark the tar in the absence
of accident marking equipment they should have. No wonder that 27,000
members of the SAPS have repeatedly failed the government's firearm
competency test which civilians have to pass before they can get a gun
licence, yet such policemen are let loose with guns on society...


superneil 14:35  

This is great article

Political Humor

Anonymous 10:26  

Dumb or innovative? I say thinking out the box...kudos to him.

Anonymous 07:44  

And I'm guessing you're not a racist?

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